Income Statement

The class encapsulates information about a company’s income statement for a specific time period.

class, cogs, sga, rd, depreciation, amortization, nonrecurring_cost, interest, tax, start_date=datetime.datetime(2019, 3, 5, 16, 42, 45, 88434), end_date=datetime.datetime(2020, 3, 5, 16, 42, 45, 88444))

Income statement object for specific company during a specific time period.

  • sales (Union[float, int]) – Sales from period.

  • cogs (Union[float, int]) – Cost of goods sold from period.

  • sga (Union[float, int]) – Selling, General, and Administrative costs from period.

  • rd (Union[float, int]) – Research & Development costs from period.

  • depreciation (Union[float, int]) – Depreciation from period.

  • amortization (Union[float, int]) – Amortization from period.

  • nonrecurring_cost (Union[float, int]) – Non-recurring cost from period.

  • interest (Union[float, int]) – Interest expense from period.

  • tax (Union[float, int]) – Tax (as absolute currency amount, NOT as tax rate %).

  • start_date (datetime.datetime) – First day of period for income statement.

  • end_date (datetime.datetime) – Last day of period for income statement.

property amortization

Total amortization from period.

property cogs

Cost of goods sold from period.

property da

Total depreciation plus amortization from period.

property depreciation

Total depreciation from period.

property end_date

End date of period. Defaults to today.

property interest

Interest expense from period.

property nonrecurring_cost

Non-recurring costs from period.

property rd

Research and development costs from period.

property sales

Sales from period.

property sga

Selling, general, and administrative costs from period.

property start_date

Start date of period. Defaults to one year from today.

property tax

Total taxes from period.