Stock Score
Python Finance Pandas

A Python project to fetch stock financials/statistics and perform preliminary screens to aid in the stock selection process.

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SEC Edgar
Python Finance Scraping BeautifulSoup

Download all companies periodic reports, filings and forms from EDGAR database.

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Game of Life
Java Cellular Automation Multithreading Swing

Conway's Game of Life implemented in Java.

Project Euler
Python Java C Math Dynamic Programming Project Euler

Various Project Euler solutions implemented in Python, Java, and C.

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Machine Learning
Python Scikit-Learn Tensorflow Machine Learning Regression Classification

Some of my Jupyter notebooks as I learn about Machine Learning.

Personal Site
Python Flask Javascript AJAX HTML CSS Bootstrap 4

The source code for this site.

Auto DCF
Python Pandas Finance Numpy

Easy plug-and-chug discounted cash flow model framework that allows for advanced modeling and sensitivity tests.

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